Chocolate products

There are so many options available  when making chocolates. Some favourites are made continually but others may not always be around. I always try to have at least 8 different truffle flavours and 4 other non-truffle options.

Favourites that always appear are

  • Warm dark chilli
  • Sparkly vanilla Manjari
  • Intense dark raspberry*
  • Salted Caramelia Caramel
  • Creme de cacoa*
  • Cardamom and Saffron in creamy white chocolate
  • Cappuccino spheres
  • Dark caramel and maple syrup*

A selection of the following will also appear

  • Deep fragrant rose
  • Soft creamy ginger
  • Green mint
  • Gently salted milk
  • Strangely savoury EV Olive Oil

Non-truffle options

  • Big buttons*
  • Honeycomb coated in milk or dark chocolate
  • Double dipped orange slices
  • Dipped fruits*
  • Valrhona Fantasy Almonds
  • Chocolate Biscotti
  • Almond Bites*

If you have a favourite, I am always open to requests!

* Dairy free options. Unfortunately the kitchen always has nuts around so although many products do not contain nuts, there may be traces.


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