Not strictly chocolate but clearly seasonal

Not chocolate but definitely seasonal, in fact we are now just out of season and the marmalade was made a few weeks ago.

As someone who loves all things orange (chocolate orange and orange peel are always on production lists and among my favourites) it is surprising that however many times I try it I just don’t get on with marmalade. However, the rest of my family do. Marmalade on hot buttered toast is Mike’s favoured treat with his morning coffee whereas I am strictly a marmite girl.

However making marmalade was an annual event as a child and I remember helping my mum prepare enough seville oranges to make marmalade to last all year. And since the year that Mike accidentally brought home seville oranges instead of eating oranges, we have done the same.

This year I made six variations with three different mixes of sugar; plain granulated, light soft brown and dark soft brown. Each batch also had an added whisky version thus combining Mike’s other favourite, a large slug of single malt.

So far, it looks like we will have continue to make serval variations as each family member has a different favourite!

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