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Where chocolate lives…

Welcome to my kitchen where we spend many happy hours playing with chocolate, experimenting, tasting, producing and ultimately eating.

Strictly speaking, the chocolate doesn’t live in the kitchen but alongside the wine in the cupboard under the stairs. All is well with the world when all the chocolate storage boxes, and all slots in the wine rack are full.

I have played with chocolate making Christmas presents for friends and family for many years before my other half organised a chocolate training day for me (and a group of friends) with the amazing Chantal Coady of Rococo Chocolates fame 10 years ago. She let us loose in her kitchens with more Valrhona chocolate than I had ever seen in one place. We made ganaches, we tempered, we moulded, (we had lunch cooked by her wonderful staff), we coated, we tasted, we tested our produce and ate more chocolate than is decent for any group of 5 people to eat.

All the chocolate stuff I make starts with the fabulous Valrhona covertures (I have tried to shake the habit but can’t find anything I like better) and other yummy fresh stuff (some of which we can pretend is good for you) like raspberries, cream, fresh mint, root ginger, extra virgin olive oil, saffron, butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter and much more……

Now that I have been persuaded to take the plunge and sell to friends, family, and even strangers, I have a certified kitchen and a new website.





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