Marshmallows, a new discovery


The only time I have really enjoyed and scoffed marshmallows was the first time we made s’mores* with my sister and family when on holiday with them in Michigan. Since then, the children have regularly made s’mores here over the bonfire, the living room fire, the BBQ or even the gas hob!

Hence marshmallows came and went for me until we went to Camp Bestival a couple of years ago and I ate freshly made marshmallows with waffles as a birthday treat – what a revaluation they were! Once I worked out that you really did need more than a hand held mixer to successfully make these I had to wait until January this year with the purchase of my first Kenwood Chef to experiment.

The result – vanilla and raspberry marshmallows. We are still testing out how best to eat them – there is compulsory and rigourous testing for new products here! So far, these raspberry mallow-pops are fairly high on the list of great ways to eat a marshmallow.

* For those that don’t know, these are a sandwich of the US equivalent of 2 digestives with a slab of chocolate and toasted marshmallows in the middle. To ease assembly we toast our marshmallows and sandwich them between 2 plain chocolate digestives. It is worrying how many a 12 year old can eat!

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